Instagram Filters for Killer Campaigns.

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Instagram Filters for Killer Campaigns.

Instagram filters are all the rage and have been for a long time (at least on social media timescales). In fact, they were one of the major original attractions of the platform. But now things have gone a step further and we’re seeing AR (Augmented Reality) filters on Instagram. Since 2019, these AR filters have […]

Apps That Rocked During Lockdown

As the world locked-down to battle the COVID-19 global pandemic, many online apps were busy locking-in gains, both in terms of users and profits. With all “normal” means of reaching out, staying in touch and entertaining ourselves suddenly gone in a poof of corona, people were forced to turn to their smart devices for everything […]

Learn! Even Under a Rock.

The Rise of Online Learning Platforms & Our Top Picks The COVID-19 global pandemic has turned the world upside down. And when you turn something upside down, good things can often fall out. One of these has definitely been the true widespread adoption of online learning and online learning platforms. The technology and the platforms […]

COVID-19 Marketing Campaigns That Rocked!

In the face of the global pandemic, there was an immediate need for innovative and relatable marketing communications; to address customer concerns, to move towards solutions and to bring people together (while they stayed safely apart). This resulted in amazing marketing efforts on the part of many brands, which we would never have seen if […]

A Dummy’s Guide to SEO!

What is SEO? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website/page in the unpaid (organic) results of web search engines. Through SEO you can make your page rank higher in results, which means more visitors and thus more potential customers. SEO is a […]

Tickling Gen Z Cockles with Social Media

How Gen Z Differs from Millennials & How to Target Them In case you haven’t noticed, time has passed and there’s a new generation upon us; Gen Z. In the past all the marketing banter was focused on how to target millennials and while millennials are still extremely important, Gen Z is coming of age […]

The Age of Fake News – Where Every Agenda Has a Chance

Why it’s Become Dangerous & How to Spot It  Fake news is not new. What’s new is its growing power to wreak havoc on the real world. Governments, individuals and organizations have used fake news to drive their agendas since the dawn of civilization; think propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, hoaxes and even satire (as humanity progressively […]

What is Programmatic Advertising?

While it does sound like rocket science, it’s not! Programmatic advertising is complex, yes, but it makes things extremely simple. Programmatic advertising is simply the process of purchasing ad space via software that relies on complex algorithms to deliver advertisements contextually. It does away with the traditional process that involves RFPs, human negotiations and manual […]

Blog Marketing: An Innovative Way To Reach Out

What’s Blog Marketing? Everyone knows what a blog is, but in case there are any time travellers among us who’ve only just arrived in 2019; ‘blog’ is derived from the combination of the words ‘Web’ and ‘Log’, and originally started as way for people to create easily updateable webpages that functioned like diaries. ‘Weblog’ was […]

AR & VR: The New Digital Marketing Revolution?

Did you enjoy Pokemon Go? Well then, you have enjoyed an Augmented Reality or AR experience. Did you enjoy the Star Wars 360 Virtual Reality Trailer?  Then you’ve enjoyed a Virtual Reality or VR experience. Now imagine if you could incorporate such an idea into digital marketing! No, we don’t want consumers to be running […]