COVID-19 Marketing Campaigns That Rocked!

COVID-19 Marketing Campaigns That Rocked!

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In the face of the global pandemic, there was an immediate need for innovative and relatable marketing communications; to address customer concerns, to move towards solutions and to bring people together (while they stayed safely apart). This resulted in amazing marketing efforts on the part of many brands, which we would never have seen if not for the global crisis we are facing.
Here are our top 10 favourites (in no particular order):

Guinness’s St. Patricks Day Video

St. Patrick’s Day is a big day for Ireland and Guinness. But this year, they knew things would have to be different. The result was an inspiring video that encouraged the safe celebration of the occasion (with a pint of Guinness of course). The central idea being that “we will all march again if we stand together now”.

YouTube’s #StayHome and help save lives #WithMe Video

YouTube put out an amazing video during the lockdowns to encourage people to stay home and save lives. The video is unique as it brings together some of the world’s most popular YouTubers in a single video, with a single unified message; stay home and do stuff #WithMe (i.e. with your favourite YouTube personalities).

Apple’s Creativity Goes On Video

This video starts out rather hauntingly with scenes from places that would usually be crowded and lively, like cinemas, being deserted. But then it moves on to take a more inspiring tone of how, through technology, people are still communicating, creating and inspiring each other. How, no matter what, creativity goes on.

Nike’s Instagram Post

For a company that is heavily vested in the outdoors, Nike’s message on Instagram was truly inspirational and definitely showed consumers that they genuinely care (and that their marketing team are geniuses). It was a simple text post, but it’s effect and idea were incredible. A great lesson on how simple things can provide amazing results when well-executed.

Honda’s #StayHome Video

A witty, cleverly written and executed video that shows how the world has changed and expresses hope for the future, without even a hint of negativity, fear or panic. Now this is an inspiring video!

Cargills Food City’s Online Shopping Video

A great example from Sri Lanka, this vibrant and lively video serves to address customer concerns, move towards a solution and help bring people together (while they stay safely apart), all at the same time. Its hopeful tone helps to inspire confidence in the chain for the future.

Messaging Post-COVID

The effects of the global pandemic mean that brands now need to address it with their marketing whenever possible. By creating marketing campaigns that are sensitive to the pandemic and prevailing restrictions worldwide, the benefits to brands are two-fold. On the one hand, by including the appropriate messaging, brands can have a direct positive impact on communities, helping to reduce the spread of the disease. On the other hand, brands will be able to better position themselves as responsible and proactive in the minds of consumers through such marketing campaigns.
What do you think of these videos and posts? What was your favourite COVID-19 marketing campaign? Have we missed it? Let us know in the comments below!

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