Instagram Filters for Killer Campaigns.

Instagram Filters for Killer Campaigns.

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Instagram filters are all the rage and have been for a long time (at least on social media timescales). In fact, they were one of the major original attractions of the platform. But now things have gone a step further and we’re seeing AR (Augmented Reality) filters on Instagram. Since 2019, these AR filters have been open for brands to use as part of their marketing efforts, which opens up a world of possibilities.
Let’s take a quick look at what they are, why brands should use them, potential uses and why now is the right time for an Instagram AR filter campaign for your brand.

AR Filters: What’s the Deal?

It’s simply a matter of incorporating AR technology with the idea of Instagram filters. Basically, using an AR filter, you enhance what your camera sees. Think of those selfies with bunny ears included on top. That’s an AR filter at work. But Instagram AR filters can be applied on top of faces and other objects and the possibilities for creative marketing are endless.

What’s in it for Brands?

People love AR filters because they’re great fun. Who doesn’t like to goof around and share with their followers? And guess what, fun=sharable! So, brands that use AR filter marketing campaigns can increase brand awareness, without being in your face. For some products, such as beauty products or home décor, this can even be a tool to help consumers “try” before they buy.
Apart from increased awareness, the shareability factor of this medium serves to increase engagement and help you stand out as a brand. Remember, it’s easy and affordable to let creativity run wild with tools like this. Plus, an AR filter campaign can be standalone or included as part of a wider marketing effort. You’re only limited by creativity.

Possible Marketing Use Cases

Facial Augmentation – This is the very familiar addition of stuff like rabbit ears or a hat to your selfie. This can be expanded to include other items, such as those with your branding on them or objects as part of some kind of competition. A great example is the filter we did for DFCC Bank during the cricket world cup.

Games – AR filter powered games are a thing too. You can create simple games around your brand, which require users to interact with AR objects to play. One of the most popular and well-known examples globally is the Ben & Jerry’s (ice cream) catch the falling marshmallow game.

Virtual Objects – This is the addition of virtual objects to the frame, usually using facial or other cues to trigger them. We did a really cool one of these for SriLankan Airlines; smiling added a two flight attendant characters to the frame and looking up made a UL aircraft flyby with the celebratory message for 40 years of UL.

Virtual Try-Ons – For relevant brands such as cosmetics, clothes, furniture and others, this opens up amazing avenues for product promotion and customer experience enhancements. Using AR filters, customers can virtually try on or try out your stuff and share with their friends.

Why Now’s the Right Time for AR Filters

Everyone’s on Their Phone – Especially with lockdowns and people staying in due to the pandemic, this is a great time to launch entertaining campaigns using techniques such as AR filters. It’s a great way to promote good safety practices as well on behalf of your brand.

Organic Sharing – Instagrammers are very much more likely to share AR filters on their feeds vs. other content, because guess what… it features them! Effectively encouraging your filter to go viral can have a huge snowball effect. Filters can also be shared as story advertisements to your target audience.

User Generated Content – Why do the work when you can get others to do it for you 😛 Instagram AR filters provide virtually unlimited potential for user generated content, which means more sharing and more talk and time devoted to your brand. Plus, users are 2.4 times more likely to view and share user generated content.

Tracking Performance – Using Facebook’s Spark AR Hub, you can monitor metrics such as impressions, captures and shares to track the performance of your campaign. Cool that Facebook owns Instagram, no?

Customize & Showcase – Instagram AR filters are fully customizable and allow you to design them exactly as you like to showcase your brand’s personality.

Jump Aboard ARight Now!

Have you used Instagram AR filters? Would you like to? Let us know in the comments below. And, if you’re serious, speak to us ARight away and we’ll fix you up with an AR filter to set your Instagram on fire!

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