Master the art of Instagram Stories

Master the art of Instagram Stories

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Master the art of Instagram Stories!

300,000,000 people use Instagram Stories every day!

Surveys find that 37% of millennials who discover brands on Instagram went on to make a purchase? Whatever you’re trying to achieve, one thing is for sure – Instagram inspires people to take action.

Instagram has become an essential platform for digital marketers. Its visually heavy content is a great and attractive way to communicate with consumers. On top of that, Instagram Stories have added more layers for marketers to play with and provide an opportunity to post much richer content.

Instagram is a great tool for marketers and here are some tips to help you make the best of it!

The Dos

1.Use Vertical Elements
Instagram Stories are viewed vertically (in portrait mode). So make sure to capitalize on this orientation. Use vertical elements to strengthen your message, use the unique mobile-first orientation of Instagram stories to send a strong message.

2. Go Full-Screen, Full Sound & Full Motion
Instagram Stories is capable of all of these things and this is what makes it great. So use them to make your content great. The fuller, nicer sounding and visually captivating your ad is the more engagement it will generate. Strategically work to grab and hold attention within the first second itself. Provocative questions, statements, alluring imagery, and catchy audio can all help.

3.Text Only on the Top Half
Keep text-based content to the absolute minimum and keep whatever you must include in the top half of the ad. Why? Instagram is visual; no one comes here to read the next great novel. Also, keeping text at the top prevents any conflict with the “swipe up” call to action you want at the bottom. That should be clearly visible and nothing should distract from it.

4.Small Tutorials 
Use the visual nature of the medium to educate your audience about your product or service with small and simple step-by-step guides that end with a strong call to action.

5. Use Your Logo Prominently
Instagrammers love pictures, your logo is a picture, and therefore you should maximize its potential. Showcase your logo prominently and boldly. This will create brand awareness and a subconscious connection with your audience.

6.Use Borders and Overlays
Using these elements in keeping with your brand identity can seamlessly integrate your brand within the native experience of Instagram Stories.

The Don’ts

1. Non-Functional Buttons or Symbols
Don’t include elements that look clickable, but aren’t. It’s a huge downer for the person consuming the content and makes you just look stupid.

2.Careful with Backgrounds and Imagery
Don’t use backgrounds and imagery that could be flagged by Instagram’s algorithms as nudity or offensive.

3. Don’t Use More Than 20% of Text per Frame
Don’t overlay any single frame with more than 20% text. No one comes to Instagram to read a thesis 😉

If you follow these basic pointers, your Instagram Stories ads will be more vibrant and more likely to generate engagement and ultimately conversions. If you would like to know more or like us to handle your Instagram and other social media, let us know. Drop us an email to someone will be in touch.

What do you think? Are there any Instagram Stories tips you’d like to share with us? Let us know in
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